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Welcome to Sushiro Hong Kong Menu. Our restaurant is famous for its delicious Japanese dishes. Some of our most popular dishes include Fatty Tuna, Salmon, Assorted Tempura, Demon Shrimp, and Flower’s Love. These dishes are made with care and fresh ingredients to give you the best flavors.
As you look through our menu, you’ll find these special dishes and many more waiting for you to try. We’ve worked hard to make food that tastes amazing and makes you happy. Whether you’re here for a quick snack or a big meal, we can’t wait to share our favorite dishes with you. Come to Sushiro and discover your new favorite food.

Sushiro Hong Kong Menu 2024

Here you have the updated menu of Sushiro Hong Kong in the following categories:

  • Nigiri Sushi
  • Warships
  • Noodles and Soups
  • Side dishes
  • Desserts and Drinks

Sushiro Hong Kong Menu and Prices

Nigiri Sushi

DishesPrice in HK$
Crab fillet tempura12
Grilled Cheese Shrimp12
Grilled Basil Shrimp12
Sweet shrimp12
Raw octopus12
Northern shellfish12
Red shrimp with chives12
Grilled Salmon with Tenraku Miso12
Crab salad with sauce12
Grilled salted salmon12
Sukiyaki steak12
Jumbo Squid Tempura12
Mackerel pickled in salt and vinegar12
Salmon belly12
Small muscle12
Top quality pond fish from Japan12
White bird clam12
Grilled beef tongue12
Sea pine clams12
Conger eel12
Rice grilled toro bonito12
Albacore Tuna12
Grilled cheese salmon12
Cooked shrimp12
Grilled salmon belly with radish paste12
Grilled salmon belly12
Thick-cut grilled mackerel12
Red shrimp12
Plaice fin side12
Grilled sole fin with sauce12
Shrimp tempura12
Grilled red shrimp12
Eggplant Tenraku Miso12
Grilled Basil Salmon12
Grilled BBQ Pork with Ginger Sauce17
Cream cheese salmon17
Grilled Hamachi17
Smoked salmon17
Shrimp three flavors17
Japanese scallops17
Shellfish (red clam, Hokki scallop, conch)17
Grilled special selection of tuna belly17
Specially selected tuna belly17
Salmon belly with salmon roe17
Madagascar Raw Shrimp17
Grilled red pork17
Japanese sea bream22
Japanese raw scallops22
Supreme eel with cream cheese22
Conch double flavor22
Sautéed Japanese scallops22
Mackerel sushi22
The best eel22
Fried soft shell crab27
Whole conger eel27
Extra Large Shrimp Tempura (Awaji Island Seaweed Salt)27
Specially selected large tuna belly27
Grilled Special Large Tuna Belly27

Warships and Rolls

DishesPrice in HK$
Sweet shrimp warship12
Wasabi Octopus Warship12
Scallion tuna warship12
Raw seafood warship12
Fried shrimp and avocado roll12
Cucumber roll12
Iron Fire Roll (Tuna Roll)12
New tuna roll12
Seafood seaweed roll12
Crab paste warship12
Tobiko Warship12
Raw salmon warship12
Bean curd sushi12
Grilled cod roe with cream cheese warship12
Crab Salad Warship12
Corn salad warship12
Hokkaido pickled herring roe warship12
Tuna salad warship12
Salmon roe warship17
Matsuba crab warship17
Raw Tuna Battleship17
Flower Love17
Fluorescent squid pickled warship17
Salmon and avocado roll22
Shrimp and avocado roll27
Eel roll27
Extra large tiger prawn tempura roll27
Extreme sea urchin and seaweed bun27

Noodles and Soups

DishesPrice in HK$
Clam noodles with black bean soup17
Seaweed noodles and black bean soup17
Kamatama Udon27
Fried shrimp tempura udon27
Bean Curd Udon27
Sea bream soup and clam ramen32
Pork bone ramen32
Beef Udon32

Side Dishes

DishesPrice in HK$
Golden Crispy Potato12
Pumpkin tempura12
Fried chicken cartilage17
Fried shrimp tempura platter27
Fried octopus cubes27
Salmon sashimi39
Six selections of sashimi at39
Red shrimp sashimi 39

Desserts and Drinks

DishesPrice in HK$
Pepsi (sugar-free)8
Mirinda Orange Juice8
Vita Sparkling Lemon Tea8
100% apple juice8
Fiber Relief Tea9
Melon flavored sorbet12
Japanese caramelized sweet potato12
Milk flavored soft ice cream17
Kiku Masamune17
Horoyoi (grape flavor)19
Sushi Lang Classic Pudding22
Layer cake22
Hojicha Swiss roll22
Suntory premium beer24
Plum wine (including plums)27
Whiskey soda27
Matcha Warabi Mochi Parfait32
Chocolate Berry Parfait32
Kiku Masamune (Daiginjo)59

Sushiro 外賣 / Takeaway

DishesPrice in  HK$
Salmon sashimi set34
Tamagoyaki (six sticks)36
Tuna fish paste warship (6 sticks)36
Red shrimp sashimi set48
Children’s Shenghe48
Salmon (six sticks)51
Hamachi (six sticks)51
Shrimp three flavors (six sticks)51
Whole scallop sashimi for66
Red shrimp (six sticks)72
Specially selected large tuna belly sashimi set81
ASuper popular combination before one person88
B Sushi Lang’s special combination per person88
C Super Value Salmon Set per person88
Specially selected tuna belly (six pieces)102
Japanese raw scallops (six sticks132
Specially selected tuna belly (six pieces)132
A Super popular combination for two persons176
B Sushi Lang’s special dish for two persons176
C Super value salmon set for two persons176
A super popular combination of three people264
B Sushi Lang’s special dish for three persons264
Sushiro Hong Kong Menu 3
Sushiro Menu Hong Kong

Your Table Awaits

Make sure you don’t miss out on the chance to have a great time at Sushiro. Reserve table now and get ready to enjoy delicious food that will make you happy and give you great memories.

Final Thought

Sushiro in Hong Kong is a fantastic place to enjoy yummy sushi and other Japanese treats. We have lots of tasty options including salmon, tuna, and eel sushi. The menu has pictures and prices, so it’s easy to choose what you want. Next time you’re hungry for some delicious food. why not give Sushiro a try? You won’t be disappointed.