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Welcome to Sushiro Hong Kong. Get ready for a wonderful dining experience with our tasty sushi and real Japanese food. We do everything with love to make sure you have a great time. Enjoy your time with us.


Taste Our Delicious Sushi

We have an amazing Sushi menu made with super fresh ingredients, just like how people in Japan make it. Our menu is great if you love sushi already or even if you’ve never tried it before. It’s like a trip to Japan, but without leaving our restaurant.

Sushiro 訂 位

Sushiro Hong Kong is a favorite spot for sushi fans and lovers of Japanese food. It’s easy to find and get in touch with us, plus we have great deals and a menu full of tasty options. Whether you’re in the mood for sushi or want to try something new from Japan, Sushiro is here for you with a cozy atmosphere and delicious food.

2 & 1 Dishes

Sushiro Specialty

We love making real Japanese food at Sushiro, and we do it with care. Experts roll our sushi, and all our dishes are bursting with flavour. We use only the freshest ingredients, just like people in Japan have for ages. This makes every bite at Sushiro super yummy. We have those in the mood for hot Ramen or crispy Tempura. We have those, too. Every dish at Sushiro brings the delicious taste of Japan straight to your plate.

Sushiro Hong Kong outlets

Sushiro HK has different places to sit that match what you like. It doesn’t matter if you’re eating alone, having a nice date, or with your friends and family, you’ll find the right spot at any Sushiro Outlets.

Sushiro 壽司 郎 – Tasty for All

Sushiro has the tastiest sushi in Hong Kong. It’s not just any sushi. It’s the best around. Come try it out and let your taste buds be amazed. Visit Sushiro now for an amazing sushi experience.

What People Say About Sushiro HK

Jessie HoJessie Ho
07:27 30 May 24
Afternoon tea was very mediocre
tang tonytang tony
15:48 29 May 24
I went to Sushiro with my girlfriend yesterday, but when I paid the bill, the store charged me twice! They also have to bother the customer to call the credit card center. The store's attitude is very bad and he has no intention of handling it!If travelers use a credit card at this store, please remember to check your bill to see if there are multiple charges! By its travelers! Please be careful with it! Please be careful with it! Please be careful with it!Eat for two $527 hkd
Louis ChowLouis Chow
14:43 27 May 24
14:23 23 May 24
Dani H.Dani H.
09:59 20 May 24
May LeungMay Leung
08:51 05 May 24
Niigata miso ramen, the piece of so-called barbecued pork is as thick as bacon, and it needs to be fried like bacon until it is dry, and the food is like a piece of firewood! It’s so hard to eat!
AP LeeAP Lee
06:00 01 May 24
Issac NgIssac Ng
09:06 26 Apr 24
Aaron SetoAaron Seto
17:17 23 Apr 24
Very normal revolving sushi place.
Rachael CheungRachael Cheung
10:49 22 Apr 24
Charlotte HuangCharlotte Huang
10:53 03 Apr 24
Tak LiuTak Liu
16:02 02 Apr 24
Very busy, long wait to be seated. Tasty food though.
Dan RomeoDan Romeo
15:32 31 Mar 24
Nice place and food quality food. The only downside was having to wait a long time before being able to sit down to eat due to the long queue of people waiting.
Winnie LawWinnie Law
11:53 30 Mar 24
Tung SiuTung Siu
13:37 27 Mar 24
Dhanishta SadhwaniDhanishta Sadhwani
09:55 12 Mar 24
Updated Review: We found a hair in our sushi.We have been coming to sushiro very frequently and for the price, it is such top quality. So fresh and so tasty. The specials are always really yummy. But the place gets super full if you don’t have a booking or arrive by 12:00 on weekdays!We unfortunately found a hair chilling between the fish and rice and showed it to the waiter who proceeded to replace the dish and they took the item off the final bill. Quite disappointing
Grace Angela SutantyaGrace Angela Sutantya
09:05 04 Jan 24
Went to this branch twice already.The freshness of the food is ok. Not the best, but not the worst either.I went today at 4pm and immediately got a seat.The food presentation today is really sad, most of the sushi I ordered came with the fish not on top of the rice.Some of the rice base is also crumbling, doesn’t stick well and doesn’t have a nice shape.I would say it’s not the best sushiro branch.(Additionally, both times when I went here, my phone signal got really bad. It’s worse if you sit deeper inside)
Gy6Hack PhGy6Hack Ph
07:14 16 Dec 23
A very nice Japanese restaurant in hong kong.Foods are good and cheap.Very easy to order to their tablet.The food will come to your table in the conveyor after few minutes.The only thing i don't like is the menu option is very limited.
Alice DongAlice Dong
00:43 24 Aug 23
First time directly go in without waiting 🥳🫶🏻. I feel like this branch serve higher quality sushi ( like food presentation )
Tiffany YuTiffany Yu
07:21 20 Aug 23
I thought it was just fine at the beginning, but after trying several Japanese sushi restaurants here, you understand why it is so popular and always having a long queue before you can go in. The sushi and sashimi is fresh for this price, kind of like using good prices getting good dishes.One thing is not very favourable is that I cannot download the sushiro app so I have to queue 😅, my fault~so possibly I have to buy a new phone and change the app store location to HK and then download it, so that I can get the ticket before arriving there, otherwise, waiting for almost an hour is crazy 🤣Ps: so hungry that I didn't take enough photos, but no worries, I will go to the one in Kwai fong too, will share the photos there 😉
Sushiro (Sheung Wan)
Based on 763 reviews
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Abc AbcAbc Abc
07:10 19 May 24
jatanjac ajatanjac a
16:07 17 May 24
Phoebe LeungPhoebe Leung
10:11 16 May 24
good value. exceeded expectations. very satisfied with experience
James WuJames Wu
07:10 15 May 24
Memes MakMemes Mak
12:29 14 May 24
There are too many people on weekdays. If you go alone or in two or three people, you have to wait for the main table. Since there is no turntable, the waiting time is longer than other sushi chefs.
10:54 04 Apr 24
Henny FongHenny Fong
12:27 31 Mar 24
SteelTeeth BigNoseSteelTeeth BigNose
05:19 30 Mar 24
Y H ChengY H Cheng
10:24 29 Mar 24
caron wongcaron wong
07:15 24 Mar 24
There are a lot of people and you have to wait in line. It’s cheap.
Jeff NgJeff Ng
01:06 20 Mar 24
Good value on sushi
03:57 19 Mar 24
Portions of the fish are getting thinner 😮
Kennedy LKennedy L
23:35 18 Mar 24
Simon MaSimon Ma
12:40 17 Mar 24
High efficiency, reasonable price, and worth the wait!
ho issacho issac
03:12 14 Mar 24
06:41 03 Jun 23
Visited twice recently as I just came back from Japan and craving for some Japanese food!I’ve avoided Sushiro before because of their long queue but you can actually reserved online on their app, very easy to use and skip the long wait.Their food is very good and reasonably priced! Salmon and toro are very fresh! There’s some seasonal sushi too.I especially like their tempura! It’s almost up to the standards of a Tempura restaurant! Although it’ll be nice if they have more vegetables dish available.
Vito NgVito Ng
14:17 21 Feb 23
It is disappointing to see that the quality of this revolving sushi restaurant has declined over time. As a frequent patron, I have noticed a decline in the freshness and quality of the ingredients used in their sushi dishes. This is especially concerning as sushi is a dish that relies heavily on high-quality ingredients to create a delicious and satisfying meal.On the positive side, the service at this restaurant is not too bad. Despite a few slow moments, the staff are generally friendly and attentive. However, the waiting time can be a bit longer than expected, which can be frustrating for customers looking for a quick bite to eat.In conclusion, this revolving sushi restaurant needs to make some improvements in order to maintain its reputation and attract customers. By focusing on improving the quality of the food and reducing the wait time, they can create a better overall dining experience for their customers.
Mini RagMini Rag
18:16 12 Feb 23
60 mins wait, and 60 mins (only!) to eat some of the best conveyor belt sushi. There is an infinite variety of sushi on offer, with plenty of choice for vegetarians in our party. There is a tablet on your table you can use to order exactly what you want and a min or two later it comes hurtling down. The Spicy salmon, cheese sushi options, crab, were favorites among the 40 plates our table devoured. Oh, and there's a hot water tap right at your table along with green tea powder, for you to make your own, free, tea. Awesome.
10:47 05 Jul 22
Peak hours u need to wait for hours LITERALLY. Best time to go is around 10:10am before they open and u can normally get in after 20mins of waiting. Tea time is also a good time to go on a weekday.Food is very tasty but everytime after we go we are super super thirsty...... Maybe quite alot of salt in the soy sauce?????
Vincent LeungVincent Leung
11:20 25 Sep 21
Their sushi are tasty and fresh, it's no doubt not fine dining style but value for money. Be prepared to wait for 1-2 hours (may be longer during weekend) to get a table. So just get a queue number, then go shopping in the surrounding area, check the queueing status from mobile app and come back when it's about to reach your number.
Sushiro (Jordan)
Based on 466 reviews
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Batichenko FanBatichenko Fan
08:27 22 May 24
Wai LeeWai Lee
06:50 21 May 24
Jerry TangJerry Tang
10:44 14 May 24
Sushiro is always consistent and reasonably priced. There will always be a queue. If you know you are going at a later date, make sure to download the app to make reservations.Service is really non existent since you order via a tablet and food gets delivered via conveyor belt, but they still charge 10% for service charge 😆Atmosphere is average and consistent with all other Sushiros
Terry WongTerry Wong
08:08 14 May 24
18:32 10 May 24
What material😰Even if it’s almost time to finish work😅Is this an officially hired sushi chef? 🫡
kam ming tsangkam ming tsang
04:26 06 Apr 24
tong leotong leo
08:08 04 Apr 24
Edward KwokEdward Kwok
03:19 04 Apr 24
nuo Cennuo Cen
20:29 03 Apr 24
05:38 28 Mar 24
Ka Wai Charles ChanKa Wai Charles Chan
18:01 26 Mar 24
Kit Man HouKit Man Hou
00:16 26 Mar 24
Giami LeeGiami Lee
04:04 18 Mar 24
we're trilled by the salmon fest! we rushed here at 5-ish as to avoid the peak at dinner time. lucky to have a seat just after 20mins wait. we almost ordered everything from the salmon fest but not everything was impressive. the rice was loose (i think it's a common mistake in sushiro? same as last time in whampao). the one with meshed salmon and raddish was very poor too, it came like a loose paste of ..... (whatever), very much difference with the photo. the big one with "extra many" salmon was the best one, but it quickly filled up our tummy! back to the normal menu, steamed egg is always my favourite! and surprised to find out that there's free stickers with the cute character there! haaa what a bonus! PS. we always think only 1 hour eating time is too little.
09:15 17 Mar 24
3xGGreat selection, great quality, great value!
sy chansy chan
16:15 15 Mar 24
Stuie TsangStuie Tsang
14:01 15 Mar 24
Kaye SupanKaye Supan
06:32 12 Mar 24
My cousin said this is a fast food chain in Japan its like “Mcdonalds” but the quality of their sushis is good especially the salmons and shrimps. You just need to order using the tablet and the sushis will be served by the conveyor. Price is okay too around HK$15-45ish per serving
Annie LawAnnie Law
07:20 04 Feb 24
I love that they carry different sushi than Genki. They also have less rice options. But the one hour time limit is either good or bad. Fish is fresh, different, yes taste more like Japanese sushi than regular sushi.
Faye CheangFaye Cheang
06:43 29 Dec 23
Dropped by for dinner on Christmas day and waiting time for our table about 2 hours. The queue was long and we only got our table almost 9pm. 9.30pm is the last order. Price range is reasonable and food quality was ok. Nothing much to comment or expect with this price.
14:50 11 Oct 23
Quality of food: 5/5 - very fresh and tasty sashimi and sushi. Great variety of fish and cuts from very fatty to lean cuts. Lots of shellfish such as scallops and uni.Cleanliness: 4/5 - very clean restaurant, the mens washroom was a bit dirtyService: 5/5 - great service there is a separate conveyor belt for orders from the iPad that goes directly to your table, fantastic! Expect a wait time (20m for 3 people), though they do move fast.Value for money: 5/5 - great value for the priceRecommendation: 5/5 - delicious sushi and Japanese dishes with lots of variety to chose from. Very fresh produce and it is quite exciting to hear the chime of the conveyor belt when your food arrives. Prices are also very reasonable. I would recommend a detour from your trip to visit, if you don't mind waiting for a table.

Signature Dishes of Sushiro Hong Kong

Crab fillet tempura

Crab fillet tempura

Savor the delectable flavors of crab fillet tempura at Sushiro Hong Kong. This mouthwatering dish boasts tender crab fillets coated in a light and crispy tempura batter, fried to golden perfection. Indulge in the delicate flavors and satisfying crunch of this delectable tempura for a truly enjoyable dining treat.

tuna fish

Tuna fish

Enjoy the fresh taste of tuna fish at Sushiro HK. Whether served as sashimi, sushi, or in a roll, our tuna is of the highest quality, offering a delicious and satisfying seafood option. Dive into the rich flavors and tender texture of our tuna dishes for a delightful dining experience.



Create one of Japanese cuisine’s easiest and most versatile protein side dishes with this tamagoyaki Japanese omelette recipe. Tamagoyaki, literally meaning ‘grilled/fried egg’, is made by rolling together thin layers of seasoned egg in a frying pan.

A super popular combination of three people

Sushiro Famous Platter

“A super popular combination of three people” at Sushiro HK is a crowd-favorite dish enjoyed by many. It features a delightful blend of flavors and ingredients that appeal to a wide range of tastes.

Extra large tiger prawn tempura roll

Extra large tiger prawn tempura roll

Savor the delicious flavors of the extra-large tiger prawn tempura roll at Sushiro Hong Kong. This mouthwatering dish features crispy tempura-coated tiger prawns rolled into a delectable sushi roll. Indulge in this flavorful combination for a truly satisfying dining experience.

Pork bone ramen

Pork bone ramen

Enjoy the rich and savory taste of pork bone ramen at Sushiro HK. This comforting dish features tender pork bones simmered to perfection, creating a flavorful broth that pairs perfectly with chewy noodles and fresh toppings. Dive into a bowl of this hearty ramen for a satisfying and comforting meal.

Red shrimp sashimi

Red shrimp sashimi

Experience the exquisite taste of red shrimp sashimi at Sushiro Hong Kong. This dish showcases fresh and succulent red shrimp sliced to perfection, offering a delicate and flavorful seafood indulgence. Dive into the vibrant flavors of this classic Japanese delicacy for a truly delightful dining experience.

Salmon roe warship

Salmon roe warship

Delight in the burst of flavors with our salmon roe warship at Sushiro HK. This delectable dish features plump and juicy salmon roe nestled atop a bed of seasoned rice, wrapped in a delicate seaweed sheet. Indulge in the ocean-fresh taste of this sushi creation for a memorable culinary experience.

Sushiro Hong Kong Menu – Sushiro 菜单

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Sushiro Menu Hong Kong

Sushiro 分店

Sushiro Jordan

Sushiro Mong Kok

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