Sushiro Jordan

Enjoy Delicious Food at Sushiro Jordan

Sushiro Jordan is the place for you. It’s a great restaurant with delicious Japanese food, especially sushi. Plus, it’s close to cool stuff like the Roman Amphitheater, where people used to put on shows way back when, and the Citadel, an old fort with excellent views. Eating yummy food and then seeing some really old stuff sounds like a fun day.

Sushiro Jordan
NameJordan Club
Address1/F, Jordan Club, 233-239 Nathan Road, Jordan, Kowloon
Opening HourMonday to Sunday (10:30am-10:00pm)
Tell:2688 7100

Enjoy Food at Sushiro Jordan

Sushiro Jordan is the spot to hit if you’re craving yummy Japanese food, especially sushi. We have a whole bunch of different choices. You’re sure to find something you love. It’s a great place to go for a delicious meal.

1. Sushi Craftsmanship: Making sushi is like a cool magic trick but with yummy food. Skilled chefs use special knives to slice fresh fish into thin, perfect pieces. Then, they carefully mold yummy sticky rice and put everything together just right.

2. Culinary Diversity: Our menu is like a world tour on a plate. We’ve got delicious dishes from all over the place, each with its own special flavors and cooking styles. It’s like trying a tiny piece of each culture in every bite.

3. Elegant Ambiance: Our restaurant is super fancy. Imagine comfy chairs, nice tables, and pretty lights that make everything look even more delicious. Soft music plays in the background, so you can chat with your friends and family without yelling.

4. Impeccable Service: We take care of you at Sushiro. Our friendly staff will make sure you have everything you need and get it to you fast. They’re there to help you find the perfect sushi and answer any questions you have.

5. Prime Location: Located at Jordan, Nathan Rd, 233-239號, Jd Mall, 1/F, our restaurant boasts a prime location in the heart of the city. Situated in the vibrant Jd Mall, it offers easy access for locals and tourists alike.

6. Takeaway and Delivery: You can enjoy Sushiro’s yummy food at home, too. We offer takeaway and delivery, so you can order online or by phone. Just pick your favorite sushi and other dishes, and they’ll make them fresh for you. Then, you can either pick it up yourself or have it delivered right to your door.

Find Us

Address: Jordan, Nathan Rd, 233-239號, Jd Mall, 1/F

Opening Hours

  • Friday 10:30 am-10:00 pm
  • Saturday 10:30 am-10:00 pm
  • Sunday 10:30 am-10:00 pm
  • Monday 10:30 am-10:00 pm
  • Tuesday 10:30 am-10:00 pm
  • Wednesday10:30 am-10:00 pm
  • Thursday 10:30 am-10:00 pm

Join Us at Sushiro Jordan

Sushiro Jordan has you covered. We’re right in the center of town, and it’s easy to find inside Jd Mall on Nathan Rd. There are lots of delicious sushi and Japanese food to choose from. Perfect for locals or tourists, you can eat yummy food and then see cool old stuff nearby. We do takeaway and delivery, too. Contact us or order online. Come to Sushiro Jordan for a fun meal.

Sushiro Jordan Reviews

Sushiro (Jordan)
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Batichenko FanBatichenko Fan
08:27 22 May 24
Wai LeeWai Lee
06:50 21 May 24
Jerry TangJerry Tang
10:44 14 May 24
Sushiro is always consistent and reasonably priced. There will always be a queue. If you know you are going at a later date, make sure to download the app to make reservations.Service is really non existent since you order via a tablet and food gets delivered via conveyor belt, but they still charge 10% for service charge 😆Atmosphere is average and consistent with all other Sushiros
Terry WongTerry Wong
08:08 14 May 24
18:32 10 May 24
What material😰Even if it’s almost time to finish work😅Is this an officially hired sushi chef? 🫡
kam ming tsangkam ming tsang
04:26 06 Apr 24
tong leotong leo
08:08 04 Apr 24
Edward KwokEdward Kwok
03:19 04 Apr 24
nuo Cennuo Cen
20:29 03 Apr 24
05:38 28 Mar 24
Ka Wai Charles ChanKa Wai Charles Chan
18:01 26 Mar 24
Kit Man HouKit Man Hou
00:16 26 Mar 24
Giami LeeGiami Lee
04:04 18 Mar 24
we're trilled by the salmon fest! we rushed here at 5-ish as to avoid the peak at dinner time. lucky to have a seat just after 20mins wait. we almost ordered everything from the salmon fest but not everything was impressive. the rice was loose (i think it's a common mistake in sushiro? same as last time in whampao). the one with meshed salmon and raddish was very poor too, it came like a loose paste of ..... (whatever), very much difference with the photo. the big one with "extra many" salmon was the best one, but it quickly filled up our tummy! back to the normal menu, steamed egg is always my favourite! and surprised to find out that there's free stickers with the cute character there! haaa what a bonus! PS. we always think only 1 hour eating time is too little.
09:15 17 Mar 24
3xGGreat selection, great quality, great value!
sy chansy chan
16:15 15 Mar 24
Stuie TsangStuie Tsang
14:01 15 Mar 24
Kaye SupanKaye Supan
06:32 12 Mar 24
My cousin said this is a fast food chain in Japan its like “Mcdonalds” but the quality of their sushis is good especially the salmons and shrimps. You just need to order using the tablet and the sushis will be served by the conveyor. Price is okay too around HK$15-45ish per serving
Annie LawAnnie Law
07:20 04 Feb 24
I love that they carry different sushi than Genki. They also have less rice options. But the one hour time limit is either good or bad. Fish is fresh, different, yes taste more like Japanese sushi than regular sushi.
Faye CheangFaye Cheang
06:43 29 Dec 23
Dropped by for dinner on Christmas day and waiting time for our table about 2 hours. The queue was long and we only got our table almost 9pm. 9.30pm is the last order. Price range is reasonable and food quality was ok. Nothing much to comment or expect with this price.
14:50 11 Oct 23
Quality of food: 5/5 - very fresh and tasty sashimi and sushi. Great variety of fish and cuts from very fatty to lean cuts. Lots of shellfish such as scallops and uni.Cleanliness: 4/5 - very clean restaurant, the mens washroom was a bit dirtyService: 5/5 - great service there is a separate conveyor belt for orders from the iPad that goes directly to your table, fantastic! Expect a wait time (20m for 3 people), though they do move fast.Value for money: 5/5 - great value for the priceRecommendation: 5/5 - delicious sushi and Japanese dishes with lots of variety to chose from. Very fresh produce and it is quite exciting to hear the chime of the conveyor belt when your food arrives. Prices are also very reasonable. I would recommend a detour from your trip to visit, if you don't mind waiting for a table.

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