Sushiro Sheung Wan

Enjoy Delicious Food at Sushiro Sheung Wan

Welcome to Sushiro in Sheung Wan. We are a small and friendly Japanese restaurant in Hong Kong. You’ve come to the right spot if you like sushi, sashimi, and tasty Japanese dishes. Our food is yummy, and our cozy atmosphere makes everyone feel welcome. People love coming here for delicious food and a good time.

Sushiro Sheung Wan
NameSheung Wan store
AddressShop 201, Level 2, Infinitus Plaza, 199 Des Voeux Road Central, Sheung Wan
Opening HourMonday to Sunday (10:30am-10:00pm)
Tell:2621 3908

Sushiro Sheung Wan Menu

Sushiro Sheung Wan Menu

Enjoy Food at Sushiro Sheung Wan

Sushiro in Sheung Wan has really tasty Japanese food in a nice place. You will remember it.

2. Culinary Diversity: Culinary diversity means lots of yummy foods from all over the world. It’s about different flavors, ingredients, and ways of cooking that make each culture’s food special.

3. Elegant Ambiance: A fancy place makes the restaurant feel special. It’s like adding a bit of luxury and charm, making eating there nicer with its nice design and careful attention to small things.

4. Impeccable Service: Providing excellent service is about more than just giving people food. It’s also about making them feel welcome and looked after while they’re at the restaurant.

5. Prime Location: This store is at Shop 201 on the second floor of Infinitus Plaza, 199 Des Voeux Road Central, Sheung Wan. It’s in a perfect spot, making it easy for locals and tourists to come and enjoy what it has.

6. Takeaway and Delivery: If you want sushi or other Japanese food from Sushiro, we can bring it to you, or you can pick it up. It’s easy and convenient, so you can enjoy your meal wherever you are.

Find us

Address: 樓201號舖, 香港上環德輔道中199號無限極廣場2, Sheung Wan

Opening Hours

  • Friday 10:30 am-10:00 pm
  • Saturday 10:30 am-10:00 pm
  • Sunday 10:30 am-10:00 pm
  • Monday 10:30 am-10:00 pm
  • Tuesday 10:30 am-10:00 pm
  • Wednesday10:30 am-10:00 pm
  • Thursday 10:30 am-10:00 pm

Join Us at Sushiro Sheung Wan

Sushiro in Sheung Wan to try tasty Japanese food in Hong Kong. We’re at Shop 201, 2/F, Infinitus Plaza, 199 Des Voeux Road Central. It’s easy to get to us. If you can’t come, we can bring the food to you. Enjoy Japanese food at home. Come to Sushiro Sheung Wan today for yummy Japanese food. Contact us for more info.

Sushiro Sheung Wan Reviews

Sushiro (Sheung Wan)
Based on 763 reviews
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Abc AbcAbc Abc
07:10 19 May 24
jatanjac ajatanjac a
16:07 17 May 24
Phoebe LeungPhoebe Leung
10:11 16 May 24
good value. exceeded expectations. very satisfied with experience
James WuJames Wu
07:10 15 May 24
Memes MakMemes Mak
12:29 14 May 24
There are too many people on weekdays. If you go alone or in two or three people, you have to wait for the main table. Since there is no turntable, the waiting time is longer than other sushi chefs.
10:54 04 Apr 24
Henny FongHenny Fong
12:27 31 Mar 24
SteelTeeth BigNoseSteelTeeth BigNose
05:19 30 Mar 24
Y H ChengY H Cheng
10:24 29 Mar 24
caron wongcaron wong
07:15 24 Mar 24
There are a lot of people and you have to wait in line. It’s cheap.
Jeff NgJeff Ng
01:06 20 Mar 24
Good value on sushi
03:57 19 Mar 24
Portions of the fish are getting thinner 😮
Kennedy LKennedy L
23:35 18 Mar 24
Simon MaSimon Ma
12:40 17 Mar 24
High efficiency, reasonable price, and worth the wait!
ho issacho issac
03:12 14 Mar 24
06:41 03 Jun 23
Visited twice recently as I just came back from Japan and craving for some Japanese food!I’ve avoided Sushiro before because of their long queue but you can actually reserved online on their app, very easy to use and skip the long wait.Their food is very good and reasonably priced! Salmon and toro are very fresh! There’s some seasonal sushi too.I especially like their tempura! It’s almost up to the standards of a Tempura restaurant! Although it’ll be nice if they have more vegetables dish available.
Vito NgVito Ng
14:17 21 Feb 23
It is disappointing to see that the quality of this revolving sushi restaurant has declined over time. As a frequent patron, I have noticed a decline in the freshness and quality of the ingredients used in their sushi dishes. This is especially concerning as sushi is a dish that relies heavily on high-quality ingredients to create a delicious and satisfying meal.On the positive side, the service at this restaurant is not too bad. Despite a few slow moments, the staff are generally friendly and attentive. However, the waiting time can be a bit longer than expected, which can be frustrating for customers looking for a quick bite to eat.In conclusion, this revolving sushi restaurant needs to make some improvements in order to maintain its reputation and attract customers. By focusing on improving the quality of the food and reducing the wait time, they can create a better overall dining experience for their customers.
Mini RagMini Rag
18:16 12 Feb 23
60 mins wait, and 60 mins (only!) to eat some of the best conveyor belt sushi. There is an infinite variety of sushi on offer, with plenty of choice for vegetarians in our party. There is a tablet on your table you can use to order exactly what you want and a min or two later it comes hurtling down. The Spicy salmon, cheese sushi options, crab, were favorites among the 40 plates our table devoured. Oh, and there's a hot water tap right at your table along with green tea powder, for you to make your own, free, tea. Awesome.
10:47 05 Jul 22
Peak hours u need to wait for hours LITERALLY. Best time to go is around 10:10am before they open and u can normally get in after 20mins of waiting. Tea time is also a good time to go on a weekday.Food is very tasty but everytime after we go we are super super thirsty...... Maybe quite alot of salt in the soy sauce?????
Vincent LeungVincent Leung
11:20 25 Sep 21
Their sushi are tasty and fresh, it's no doubt not fine dining style but value for money. Be prepared to wait for 1-2 hours (may be longer during weekend) to get a table. So just get a queue number, then go shopping in the surrounding area, check the queueing status from mobile app and come back when it's about to reach your number.

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