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Sushiro Cheung Sha Wan | A Perfect Spot for Food Lovers

Welcome to Sushiro Cheung Sha Wan! We’re a comfy sushi spot in Cheung Sha Wan, Hong Kong. Our menu has lots of tasty sushi that will cost little. Whether you always eat sushi or want to try something new, we’re here. Sushiro Cheung Sha Wan is great for eating with family and friends or whenever you crave yummy sushi. We’re excited to see you and serve up some delicious sushi.

Sushiro Cheung Sha Wan
NameLai Chi Kok Store
AddressShop G38, G/F, Lai Sun Commercial Centre, 680 Cheung Sha Wan Road, Kowloon
Opening HourMonday to Sunday (10:30am-10:00pm)
Tell:2688 7833

Sushiro Cheung Sha Wan Menu

Sushiro Cheung Sha Wan Menu

Enjoy Food at Sushiro Cheung Sha Wan

At Sushiro Cheung Sha Wan, you can eat yummy Japanese food. Every bite tastes really good and fresh. It’s like going on a tasty journey through Japan with every meal.

1. Sushi Craftsmanship: Sushi is when skilled chefs carefully make small, yummy bites using fresh stuff. We pay close attention to everything to make each piece look and taste awesome. It’s like making tasty art.

2. Culinary Diversity: Food from around the world mixes together to make a menu with many choices. People use special ingredients and ways of cooking to make delicious dishes. These foods make people happy and bring them together when they eat.

3. Elegant Ambiance: The fancy place with lovely lights and pretty decorations. Everything’s set up to make your meal special and elegant. Feels fancy and nice.

4. Impeccable Service: The excellent service makes sure everything about your meal is taken care of with care. You’ll feel valued and well looked after from the moment you arrive until you finish eating.

5. Prime Location: We are at Unit G38, Ground Floor, Lai Sun Commercial Centre, 680 Cheung Sha Wan Rd, Lai Chi. Our spot is easy to get to, whether you’re from around here or visiting. It’s simple to find us, so coming to Sushiro Cheung Sha Wan is easy and fun.

6. Takeaway and Delivery: We make it easy for you! You can order food to take home or have it delivered to you. You can enjoy our tasty Japanese food without leaving your home or office.

Find us

Address: Unit G38, G/F, Lai Sun Commercial Centre, 680 Cheung Sha Wan Rd, Lai Chi 

Opening Hours

  • Friday 10:30 am-10:00 pm
  • Saturday 10:30 am-10:00 pm
  • Sunday 10:30 am-10:00 pm
  • Monday 10:30 am-10:00 pm
  • Tuesday 10:30 am-10:00 pm
  • Wednesday10:30 am-10:00 pm
  • Thursday 10:30 am-10:00 pm

Join Us at Sushiro Cheung Sha Wan

Come to Sushiro Cheung Sha Wan for good Japanese food and friendly service. You can find us easily at Unit G38, G/F, Lai Sun Commercial Centre, 680 Cheung Sha Wan Rd, Lai Chi. You can enjoy our yummy dishes at our cozy restaurant or order them at home. Contact us if you have any questions or want to book a table.

Sushiro Cheung Sha Wan Reviews

11:41 27 May 24
ho WOOho WOO
08:29 27 May 24
J HongJ Hong
06:50 27 May 24
A place to enjoy sushi
Tsang BrianTsang Brian
06:21 27 May 24
lauwaipong lauwaiponglauwaipong lauwaipong
16:45 21 May 24
one Theone The
15:10 08 May 24
Yu CharlesYu Charles
09:06 05 May 24
11:20 02 May 24
Sushi tastes average
Alfred FokAlfred Fok
04:35 23 Apr 24
Ai GloriaAi Gloria
05:55 21 Apr 24
Remember to take a pill early at night
Steven LamSteven Lam
07:42 27 Feb 24
Relatively small compared to other branches, taste is similar to the othersSaw a group of 6 people entered the restaurant with a ticket for 4 people, then seperated into 2 tables with the ackbowledgement of the staff, while there was still a queue outside, not sure why the staff allowed them to do so
fung lucasfung lucas
04:53 02 Jan 24
Delicious sushi and other unique items on the menu for a reasonable price. The fish is fresh and the rice is puffy. Probably one of the best sushi trains in Hong Kong. However, it should be noted that the queue could take anywhere from 10mins to 1hr depending on time and day of entry (for walk in). So it is recommended to do a booking through the app.
C RaniC Rani
11:48 25 Mar 23
Food quality good as always but queue up for long timeRecommend Dessert and creamy crab Croquettes
3AK Official3AK Official
10:46 07 Dec 22
Chi On YungChi On Yung
11:55 05 May 22
This was my second visit at this Lai Chi Kok store; previously I went to one in Sheung Wan. Store front is not fancy; one can view the patrons eating about 10 feet away from the front entrance, which is wide open.After grabbing my queuing ticket, I checked and noted about 100 ticket count in front of me. It took just about over an hour before my turn. That was not too bad, especially as I was so craving for sushi. Aside from the staff calling out the queue number, one may also check the monitor at the front entrance, or the (hk) sushiro app, to find out when the turn is up for seating.I ordered my favorites quickly as soon as I sat down. They were proven tasty selections and good choices: hamachi, unagi, and mackerel. I got other choices like uni, Hokkaido octopus and special tuna dishes as well; I did not enjoy those. I repeated my favorites and similar variation; they all were yummy. In all, I stuck with sushi and did not ordered other hot or fried food, nor desserts. I was simple too full; I finished 15 dishes!My dish prices ranged among $12, $17, $22, and $27. Taste and price were not necessarily scaled the same. I enjoyed $12 dishes as much as, or more than, higher priced selections. Overall, the meal was a great deal. I ordered to my heart’s (and stomach’s) content. 😊

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