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Enjoy Delicious Food at Sushiro Wong Tai Sin

Sushiro is in the middle of Wong Tai Sin district in Hong Kong, there’s a place called Sushiro Wong Tai Sin. It’s busy and has a mix of old and new things. Nearby is the Wong Tai Sin Temple. People go there to pray and feel calm. It has lovely gardens and pretty buildings that many people like to see. Next to the temple is Nan Lian Garden. It’s a quiet place away from the city noise. You can walk around the gardens and feel peaceful there.

Sushiro Wong Tai Sin
NameWong Tai Sin store
AddressShop No. 5, Cheung Ying Lane, 3G/F, Ho Court, 110 Lung Cheung Road, Wong Tai Sin, Kowloon
Opening HourMonday to Sunday (10:30am-10:00pm)
Tell:6139 5051

Sushiro Wong Tai Sin Menu

Sushiro Wong Tai Sin Menu

Enjoy Food at Sushiro Wong Tai Sin

See the exciting mix of old and new at Sushiro Wong Tai Sin! It’s a place in a busy part of Hong Kong where you can enjoy both traditional and modern culture.

1. Sushi Craftsmanship: Sushi is when talented chefs carefully make small, delicious bites using fresh ingredients. They use skill and care to make each one perfect. 

2. Culinary Diversity: Culinary diversity means lots of different yummy foods from everywhere. It’s like having a big buffet with all kinds of flavors, ingredients, and cooking methods. It makes mealtime fun and tasty. Menu

3. Elegant Ambiance: A nice place makes you feel fancy. It has pretty decorations and soft lights, and the staff pays close attention to little things. You feel classy and fancy when you’re there.

4. Impeccable Service: When service is really good, guests feel special. It means they’re helped quickly, politely, and professionally, which makes their meal experience even better. It’s not just doing what’s expected; it’s doing more, making sure everything is just right and leaving guests feeling happy and well taken care of.

5. Prime Location: We are in a good place at 5 Chuk Un, Lung Cheung Road, Ho Mei Court 3G/F, Siu Ying Lei, Chuk Un. It’s easy to get to and very convenient. We’re right in the middle of Wong Tai Sin district in Kowloon.

6. Takeaway and Delivery: You can easily eat our tasty food at home. Just order from Sushiro, and we’ll bring it to you. Whether you’re at home or somewhere else, you can still enjoy your favorite meals. Ordering from us is simple and means you get yummy and fresh food without any trouble.

Find us

Address: 5號舖, 香港九龍黃大仙龍翔道110號豪苑3G/F, 翔盈里, Chuk Un

Opening Hours

  • Friday 10:30 am-10:00 pm
  • Saturday 10:30 am-10:00 pm
  • Sunday 10:30 am-9:45 pm
  • Monday 10:30 am- 9:45 pm
  • Tuesday 10:30 am- 9:45 pm
  • Wednesday10:30 am- 9:45 pm
  • Thursday 10:30 am- 9:45 pm

Join Us at Sushiro Wong Tai Sin

Come to Sushiro Wong Tai Sin for amazing sushi and tasty flavors you will remember. Try our traditional and creative dishes, which blend perfectly. Contact us if you want to book a table and enjoy our delicious food.

Sushiro Wong Tai Sin Reviews

Sushiro (Wong Tai Sin)
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Wong ChuenWong Chuen
09:11 22 May 24
Hygiene and service are significantly lower than other branches. Insects flew into the food, and several store clerks were not embarrassed at all. They even had to rush for replacement twice, which was very slow!
Cheung ChanCheung Chan
03:39 15 May 24
kai-yin tinny tsukai-yin tinny tsu
06:19 12 May 24
Nicky LeeNicky Lee
04:33 06 May 24
Clean management, no need to wait too long for a table, the entrance of the mall is a bit difficult to find for the first time
HoYin ChanHoYin Chan
01:33 04 May 24
Alex WongAlex Wong
07:12 02 May 24
Wai CowWai Cow
11:24 01 May 24
Hawa MedusaHawa Medusa
03:44 01 May 24
Recommended three flavors of fish, shrimp, crab and warship, fresh and tasty👍The dried fish ramen is just average, the soup base is so salty!
Cheryl HCheryl H
03:44 26 Apr 24
Just another normal Suhiro.
Kuan Chi KeiKuan Chi Kei
01:22 07 Apr 24
16:02 01 Apr 24
❛❛ Don’t miss Sushiro’s March Spring Festival Limited Edition🍰 ❞🤍Sushiro will launch many attractive desserts during White Day! I want to go to Sushiman again to eat desserts (˶'ᵕ'˶)⸝‎♡· - - · - - · - - · - - ·Red clam double flavor [Big red clam·skirt]Italian Basil Sakura SnapperSlow Roasted Kuroge Wagyu Beef with Chilean Sea UrchinBluefin Tuna Belly with Chilean Sea UrchinCharcoal grilled cold mackerelPure white fried chicken nuggetsDessert 💗Too Soft-Hearted (on sale on March 14th)Caramel Praline MelbaSoybean Flour Matcha Warabi MochiBurnt caramel semi-melted cheesecakeCrunchy Thor Chocolate Cake Bars· - - · - - · - - · - - ·🍣The sushi is not particularly recommended. The pure white fried chicken is okay, but the sauce is a bit weird⋯🙈In fact, this time we mainly came for desserts🍧🤎Waiting for Too Soft, it will go on sale on March 14th. Just try it once ➰Sushiro Dessert TitleMy heart is too soft, but it’s so sweet and heart-warming, I’m looking forward to it in vain🥹Melba Caramel Kernel - This ice cream is so delicious. I didn’t know it was called Melba, but I thought it was Lady M. It’s a layer cake🍰🍽️Crunchy Thor Chocolate Cake Bars - This is a chocolate ice cream cake that you can hold in your mouth and eat. It's very crunchy. Japan has this kind of cake, but it's a little sweet.➰As for the winning dessert, thumbs up🏆🏅Soybean Flour Matcha Warabi Mochi - delicious, tastes like a Japanese variety, not too sweet, same type only $10 fried! Affordable and delicious👍🏻🏅Burned caramel semi-melted cheesecake - I want to give it an award, it is a delicious cheesecake, not greasy at all~ It is a fast food, the caramel dough is crispy and fragrant, and the cheesecake tastes soft enough ദ്ദി^._ .^)#foodiedesusushi#foodiedesudessert
Fong Kwok ChakFong Kwok Chak
12:32 13 Mar 24
Always have to wait, too many people. Many people represent delicious food, about $2OO yuan per person. OK
14:04 09 Mar 24
Fresh food at affordable prices
Eddy WongEddy Wong
15:00 06 Mar 24
Cheungfai tsuiCheungfai tsui
14:21 25 Feb 24
Chou ming KanChou ming Kan
12:52 16 Feb 24
Ch oleCh ole
10:16 26 Nov 23
Pretty good! I recommend the beef nigiri.
Fong Wai LamFong Wai Lam
13:16 23 Oct 23
Less crowd these days, quality of sushi has been resumed.
05:43 06 Apr 23
I arrived 30mins before it's opening time when I went yesterday. I was third in line when I arrived and after 20mins, the queue has gone up to more than 30pax. Overall, the experience was 2 thumbs up or 10 if that's possible! The place is clean, the food fresh and the staff are efficient and polite. Everything is priced reasonably. One of the cleanest places I've eaten at. I will always come here to get my sushi fix that's for sure. 😉
Kin LauKin Lau
18:23 20 Aug 22
Sushiro is notorious for having long queues -- arrive after 6pm and expect at least a 2 hour wait before getting seated. Nonetheless, the sushi isn't really that out of the world either, paling in comparison to bona fide omakase places. Indeed, to compare sushiro to most omakase places would be like comparing a Toyota Camry to a Lamborghini.Still, where Sushiro excels is it's price to performance ratio as well as how consistent the food is. The sushi is always very good if not excellent, the seafood is always fresh, the service is fast, and place is always clean and hygienic. Ordering is done via an tablet, while convey belt sushis are also available.
Tony ShumTony Shum
08:31 28 Jun 21
SUSHIRO, I have been told; it may take few hours for you to get a table. Although, I only had been to the one in Japan, therefore I would like to try this chain restaurant in Hong Kong.Today I went to this restaurant in Wong Tai Sin for lunch. It wasn't as busy as I thought, perhaps, today is Monday therefore not many people. It only took 5 minutes (arrived at 12:30) for me to get the number to sit down.Start from cleaning, I got chopsticks from the box, and it was dirty. I called the waitress and told her to aware of the hygiene. That was my first impression, dirty.I started with of course sushi, mainly shellfish and clam. Most of them taste good, however, the sushi rice was too big.The prawn tempura roll was disappointed. The tempura was cold, the batter was soft, and the prawn was not fresh. The roll was too loose, it fell apart when picked it up. However, interestingly, inside the roll has a piece of egg roll (tamagoyaki) instead of avocado or cucumber.I order an extra egg roll (tamagoyaki) sushi, it was as sweet as eating sugar.I have to say the chef’s cutting skill was brilliant. The clam on sushi was cut as thin as paper. As the result, I can only taste the sushi rice, instead of the clam meat.Ramen was the most disappointed. the meat was so fatty and chewy, the noodle tastes like chemical. The soup was the most disgusting Japanese noodle soup I ever had. It was gluggy and salty. It feels like eating instant noodle in thick congee. I would highly discourage trying it.10 pieces of sushi and a bowl of ramen, cost HK$171.It was truly overrated. For this price and taste, I would rather go to the Japanese supermarket to get some sushi box and instead noodle.But for those who like to spend money and wait in a long queue, I would suggest you re-think before you go.

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