Sushiro Ma On Shan

Enjoy Delicious Food at Sushiro Ma On Shan

Welcome to Sushiro Ma On Shan, a friendly sushi spot in Ma On Shan, Hong Kong. Here, you can enjoy tasty and fresh sushi without spending a lot. Whether you like classic sushi rolls or trying new things, we’re here to make your meal special. Sushiro Ma On Shan is a great place to eat out with family and friends or grab a quick bite. We can’t wait to see you and make you some tasteful sushi.

Sushiro Ma On Shan
NameMa’anshan store
AddressShop 3231-32, 3/F, Sunshine City Centre, Phase 4, 18 On Luk Street, Ma On Shan, New Territories
Opening HourMonday to Sunday (10:30am-10:00pm)
Tell:2301 1308

Sushiro Ma On Shan Menu

Sushiro Ma On Shan Menu

Enjoy Food at Sushiro Ma On Shan

Sushiro in Ma On Shan is the place to go. We have yummy Japanese food like sushi and other treats. Eat in our comfy restaurant, perfect for a fun meal with friends or family.

1. Sushi Craftsmanship: Sushiro’s skilled chefs make each sushi roll with precision and care. We want to create a delicious experience for everyone who loves sushi. Our focus on quality shows in every bite, making Sushiro a great place for sushi fans to visit.

2. Culinary Diversity: Sushiro has many sushi rolls, sashimi, and other yummy Japanese food. We care deeply for every dish, so you’ll have a great meal with the menu.

3. Elegant Ambiance: Sushiro looks nice. It’s calm and relaxing inside, with pretty decorations and soft lights. It’s great for a date or a casual meal with friends.

4. Impeccable Service: Sushiro staff are friendly and helpful. We seat you quickly and ensure you have everything you need throughout your meal. This great service makes Sushiro a memorable visit for everyone.

5. Prime Location: Sushiro can easily be found in Ma On Shan. I4期3樓3231-32號舖, 新港城中心, 18號 On Luk St, Ma On Shan Delicious Japanese food in a suitable location.

6. Takeaway and Delivery: Craving yummy Japanese food but too busy to cook? Sushiro’s got you covered. Order your favorite sushi rolls, raw fish, or any other Japanese dish you like. Enjoy a delicious meal in your home. Sushiro makes it easy to enjoy a taste of Hong Kong at home.

Find us

Address: 4期3樓3231-32號舖, 新港城中心, 18號 On Luk St, Ma On Shan

Opening Hours

  • Friday 10:30 am-10:00 pm
  • Saturday 10:30 am-10:00 pm
  • Sunday 10:30 am-10:00 pm
  • Monday 10:30 am-10:00 pm
  • Tuesday 10:30 am-10:00 pm
  • Wednesday10:30 am-10:00 pm
  • Thursday 10:30 am-10:00 pm

Join us at Sushiro Ma On Shan

Join us in Ma On Shan for a unique Japanese dining experience. Want to try something new? Our menu is full of delicious options. Sushiro welcomes you to enjoy authentic Japanese food. Contact us to reserve your table and taste Sushiro’s flavours.

Sushiro Ma On Shan Reviews

Sushiro (Ma On Shan)
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Celestial BeingsCelestial Beings
14:42 09 May 24
Overall, the food is delicious! Good food! To be honest, it's not a good night's sleep. I can only say that it is considered a big deal, so it is definitely better than competing for exclusiveness. In fact, I have eaten it twice and I am really not surprised. The food has no taste😑Updated 10/10/2023:Maybe Japan’s frozen warehouses can’t sell a lot of goods, and the fish is getting bigger and bigger 😂26/2/2024It feels like the items are becoming more and more detailed, and the quality continues to decline. There are less and less surprises when you go in. I don’t know what to eat🤷
kinkwan chuikinkwan chui
12:45 06 May 24
Franklin ManFranklin Man
11:20 02 May 24
waiming mawaiming ma
00:28 28 Apr 24
waiwai cheungwaiwai cheung
09:34 25 Apr 24
Joey LamJoey Lam
04:56 14 Jan 24
I used to live in Japan and go to Sushiro there. I wanted to try one during my visit in Hong Kong.We went to this location in Ma On Shan for lunch on a Saturday. It could be the worst timing of the week. The wait for a table for five was about 1.5 hours, it seemed to be faster for a table for two.I mainly hear to try some beef items. They were quite good!1) Masusaka Beef 松阪牛It was great but not my best Japanese beef2) Beef UdonIt was flavourful and the portion was not too small3) Beef (maybe Steak) SushiIt was quite good and not too fatty.In Japan, there was a drop box each table for collecting the plates after food was done. There was no way to collect plates in Hong Kong, so in the end we ran out of space on our table.
Angela ChengAngela Cheng
14:07 20 Dec 23
Great sushi restaurant, we came on a Wednesday just before noon and there was no queue! Come at weekends and the queue is crazy long!Once you’re seated you get 1 hr, love that there’s a conveyor belt with items you can grab, if not you can order via the touch pad on every table.Sushi is great quality and it’s very reasonably priced compared to their competitors Genki.Once you’re finished, use the touch pad to call a server over and they will tally up your plates and you settle the bill at the entrance.
lai echolai echo
23:07 24 Nov 23
Opened have three year. Come back hkg around 5 times. Because long queue, Today I have go there at morning time. 10:30 arrive no queue and not much people. I'm the first customer in. Recommend for breakfastThere food so fresh. Compare with other sushi shop. Tuna, other fish sushi. And some Snail sushi 👍🏻 overall very good. But sea ​​urchin, the taste not good. The price is reasonable for such as this quality.
07:43 23 Jul 23
Finally tried Sushiro. Came at 10:45 and got the 006 ticket and got our seat at 11:15. Their variety and quality of fish definitely beats Genki and some dishes are even cheaper. But Genki does have more hot food options. Overall lovely experience with fast service and can’t wait to be back.A few special dishes include firefly squid gunkan, eel liver gunkan, fried yellowtail collar, seared salmon with cheese and basil, marinated saba roll, and fried scallop gunkan. I also like how they have both conveyor belt for you to get dishes you want and order online as well. Their soft serve is also not bad, recommend to add the matcha powder on the table to it 🤭
Kin CheungKin Cheung
09:01 18 May 23
Finally had the opportunity to visit the much acclaimed Sushiro. There was a short cue even on a weekday during tea time (around 4:30pm), but the waiting time was short, only around 10 minutes. I mainly ordered tuna dishes, they were of good quality and fresh. Their famous pudding didn’t disappoint either.

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